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Want Better Website Support? Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re unhappy with the price, quality, or speed of Silverstripe support you are receiving from your current service provider and want to switch to a new provider, you quickly find out there’s a big problem preventing you from doing so.

When you search for an alternative, you quickly realize there are only a few truly skilled Silverstripe developers out there. With so few options, you often end up having to stay with your current provider, even if you’re unhappy

SS Website Support is the solution to this problem.

Unhappy with your current provider?

Struggling to find Silverstripe pros?

Need more reliable and affordable support?

Own a complex Silverstripe site or web app?

Want to switch but don’t know how?


@Anh & @Davie. Can you take care of these tasks on my site?

@Olivia We’d be happy to take care of that for you.

@Olivia Your Silverstripe work is complete and ready for review

The work looks great. Thanks @Anh & @Davie.


It’s easy: here’s how it works

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A private support channel is setup for your business.

Submit Work

You share Silverstripe work and plans in the channel.

Get Better Support

Anh and Davie roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Prepaid Support Credits

Purchase 20 hours of high-quality, on-demand Silverstripe development support credits for your website at an affordable rate and use the hours whenever you need them.

  Anh & Davie do the work.

  Response time 2-4 hours.

  365 day a year support.

  Credits Never Expire.

  Transparent hourly logging.

USD $100/hour

Min 20 hours purchase required = $2,000

SiteGrowth Plan

Twenty two hours of a mixture of Silverstripe support, digital marketing, and SEO support each month. Perfect for Silverstripe websites looking to grow online!

USD $1999/month


years of working on Silverstripe websites everyday.


clients that have trusted us with their work over the years.


Silverstripe 3.X Upgrades to the latest version of Silverstripe completed.

Silverstripe Development

Are you looking for a Silverstripe development team that can handle your Silverstripe project or site? Whether you need assistance with a complex Silverstripe project or want to enhance and maintain your existing Silverstripe website, we’ve got you covered.

Clients choose SS Website Support because they trust Davie and Anh, who have been building complex SilverStripe websites and applications since 2009. Take a look at the very first Silverstripe web app they built back in 2009!

Silverstripe Hosting Support

Optimizing and managing the hosting environment your Silverstripe website is hosted on is crucial, as it will be resource-intensive. Davie and Anh are experienced sysadmins, which means we will take care of all your hosting support requirements, speed optimizations, configurations, maintenance, hosting upgrades, and more. They can also assist in transitioning your site to more cost-effective hosting if necessary and optimize underperforming hosting by fine-tuning the hosting configuration.

Silverstripe SEO

Most SEO providers lack the specialized Silverstripe expertise needed to establish a strong foundation for an effective SEO strategy on a Silverstripe website. That’s where Davie comes in. He will craft a tailored 12-month SEO plan and execute it directly on your Silverstripe site. Davie will handle keyword research, develop a content plan, and manage manual link-building outreach efforts. He will do everything in his power to boost your Google rankings, drive more traffic, generate leads, enhance brand visibility, and accelerate your search-driven revenue.

Silverstripe to WordPress Migration

If you reach a point where you want to transition from Silverstripe to WordPress, even though our love for Silverstripe remains strong, you can count on us to assist with the migration process. We’ll seamlessly transition your site by creating an exact replica of your current Silverstripe website on WordPress. We can also provide guidance and adjustments for hosting if needed. Additionally, we offer ongoing support for your WordPress site post-migration.

Silverstripe Digital Marketing

Davie is  Google Adwords certified and  has a Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate. He has supported clients in their digital marketing endeavors over the years. If you’re switching from an agency that used to provide Silverstripe support and digital marketing services, SS Website Support can offer you the same level of service at more affordable rates.

API Integrations to Silverstripe

If you need API integrations for your website or wish to export data from your site to a CRM or a similar platform, Davie and Anh have tons of experience in API integrations. Many top agencies subcontract this common project to us because we excel in handling complex Silverstripe work like this.

vs. other solutions

Silverstripe Dev Hourly Rates

Silverstripe Experience

Focus on Silverstripe

Support Response Times

Who is working on your site/project

Availability to deliver work

Moneyback Guarantee

Ability to handle complex Projects



1-3 years typically

Does some Silverstripe

1-3 business days

unknown 3rd party

Depends on the freelancer’s schedule





1-5 years typically

Does some Silverstripe

1-5 business days

unknown 3rd party

Depends on when the agency dev is free