Prepaid Support Credits

Purchase 40 hours of high-quality, on-demand Silverstripe development support credits for your website at an affordable rate and use the hours whenever you need them.

  Anh & Davie do the work.

  Response time 2-4 hours.

  365 day a year support.

  Credits Never Expire.

  Transparent hourly logging.

USD $50/hour

Min 40 hours purchase required = $2,000

SiteGrowth Plan

Twenty two hours of a mixture of Silverstripe support, digital marketing, and SEO support each month. Perfect for Silverstripe websites looking to grow online!

USD $999/month

  Everything in sitecare plan

  Additional 20 hours of support

  Mixture of SS & Growth Support

  SEO campaigns

  PPC campaigns

  AI integration into Business

  Graphic and content support

  Cancel anytime

vs. other solutions

Silverstripe Dev Hourly Rates

Silverstripe Experience

Focus on Silverstripe

Support Response Times

Who is working on your site/project

Availability to deliver work

Moneyback Guarantee

Ability to handle complex Projects



1-3 years typically

Does some Silverstripe

1-3 business days

unknown 3rd party

Depends on the freelancer’s schedule





1-5 years typicallcy

Does some Silverstripe

1-5 business days

unknown 3rd party

Depends on when the agency dev is free